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Nowadays, consumers are more aware of healthy alternatives for traditional snacks. A conscious lifestyle also means the demand for more healthy foods. As a private label wafer (bar) manufacturer we pick up on these trends very quickly. Do you want to respond to this trend? Read on, as this may be valuable to you!

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Develop your own unique bar(s)

“Better4U” is a new brand with a wide range of unique wafer bars for the health conscious consumer, coeliacs and vegetarians. We even have developed a complete packaging, just in case that there is no room for investment in your own packaging. “Better4U” consists of four categories with each their own specific products:

  • Weight control
  • Sports
  • Functional
  • Snacks

Weight control 
A balanced nutrition is vital for weight control. Helwa produces low carb meal replacement bars with high protein and low fat. Specific ingredients for lowering the blood sugar level or to create a satiety feeling can also be added to the bars. 

The sports category is the perfect fuel snack for athletes. The protein bars contain a high amount of protein that athletes can use for recovery. Helwa can produce wafer bars for more energy or recovery after an intensive workout.  

Can a snack also be functional? They sure can! There is a growing awareness of certain deficiencies like vitamin B12 and intolerances like gluten. Helwa offers you gluten free bars and e.g. functional bars for blood sugar regulation in which vitamins, minerals and green tea extract are included. These functional bars are also suitable for children, pregnant women or elderly people.

Sometimes consumers are just craving for a more healthy snack. These type of products don’t need to serve a higher purpose. The consumer just appreciates the taste and the fact that it is a better alternative for most traditional and unhealthy snacks.   

Develop your own bar!
Are you looking for a more healthy snack, a weight control bar, a protein sports bar or gluten free snacks? Helwa is a reliable partner with over 60 years of experience in the biscuit industry. The products within the four categories can be customized to your needs in terms of ingredients, weight and composition. Have a look at our current assortment. Do you wish to produce wafer bars for your own brand? We can even develop a complete brand packaging for you. 

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Would you like to know more about the Better4U brand or possibilities to customize your own wafer bars? Do not hesitate and contact us for more information!

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Characteristics of Better4U

No sugar added
Made of real Belgian milk chocolate
Sweetened with maltitol  

Please contact us in case you have any questions about "Better4U"! 

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