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Gluten Free Wafer Bar

Helwa WafelBakkeryBV produces two different types of gluten free chocolate wafer bars which are suitable for coeliacs and vegetarians. 

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Gluten Free Wafer Bar made by Helwa

Chocolate and Teff flour
With a percentage of 80 (Free Time wafer fingers) or 88% (Enjoy double break bar) Belgian milk chocolate the Helwa gluten free chocolate wafer bars are very interesting products Both products  include a gluten free Teff grain wafer with it’s many benefits like important vitamins & minerals.  The gluten free chocolate wafer bars do not contain any artificial colours and flavours and there is no hydrogenated fat included. 

Gluten-free development and public recognition
Continuous growth forecasted for coming years globally. The retail gluten-free market has grown by at least 10% year on year for the last 5 years.Not only consumers suffering from gluten allergy but health-weight-conscious consumers are driving growth. Food service and impuls category set to generate additional growthgluten-free. Public recognition of coeliac disease has grown from 44 to 74 percentin five years time.

Private Label
Are you looking for a reliable, innovative Private Label partner in the biscuit category? Helwa WafelBakkeryBV based in the Netherlands, develops and produces crispy, filled wafer products for over 60 years.

We use our extensive experience in the production of traditional cream filled wafers and chocolate coated wafers and bars to also produce gluten free, organic, sugar free and all natural wafer products. 

With our modern, flexible production facilities, expertise in the field of new product development and our implemented technologies we can adapt our products to your demands. This applies to the size of the wafers, recipe, filling, coating and packaging.

  • Gluten Free Wafer Bar
  • Gluten Free Wafer Bar - Double Break Bar
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Characteristics and logistics of our protein wafer bars

Made of 80% to 88%real Belgian milk chocolate;
Suitable for coeliacs;
Suitable for vegetarians;
Free from artificial colours and flavours;
Produced with Teff flour (gluten-free);
No hydrogenated fat.

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