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Protein Wafer Bar

Our crispy, cream filled chocolate coated protein wafer bar is without added sugar, contains added fibers and is currently available in four flavours: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and orange.

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Protein Wafer Bars made by Helwa

The protein bar is available in a 20g and 40g version and contains ‘whey’ protein. Made with real Belgian milk chocolate and twenty percent or 32% protein. Helwa makes sure the protein bar is high on protein and low in sugar but to make it even healthier: no artificial colours and flavours are used. 

Today’s nutrition
Energy, satiety and weight management are very important linchpins in today’s nutrition. Helwa Wafer Bakery recognises the latest trends and has therefore developed this new protein wafer bar. The nutrient ‘protein’ is needed by the human body. It enables your body to grow and it helps with the maintenance. 

Protein and sport
Protein support the human body when it comes to sports. Proteins are used to repair muscle tissue and building muscles. This ‘power’ bar is suitable for every health conscious consumer and ideal for people who workout or do sports. Next to sport enthusiasts, protein is required for kids and teens, young woman and seniors who lose their muscles due to ageing.

Private Label
Are you looking for a reliable, innovative Private Label partner in the biscuit category? Helwa Wafer Bakery based in the Netherlands, develops and produces crispy, filled wafer products for over 60 years.

We use our extensive experience in the production of traditional cream filled wafers and chocolate coated wafers to also produce gluten free, organic, sugar free and all natural wafer products. We are ready to launch our protein wafer bars under your brand!

With our modern, flexible production facilities, expertise in the field of new product development and our implemented technologies we can adapt our products to your demands. This applies to the size of the wafers, recipe, filling, coating and packaging.

  • Protein Wafer Bar
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Characteristics and logistics of our protein wafer bars

No sugar added
High protein (20% or 32%)
Over 10% added fibres
Made with real Belgian chocolate
Free from artificial colours and flavours & hydrogenated fat

Weight CU: (40 or 20 grams)
Contents display: 16 or 12 CU

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