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Wafers without sugar

Nowadays, consumers are more aware of the health benefits when it comes to a reduced consumption of sugar in food.  More and more consumers choose to eliminate sugar completely, others just reduce the daily amount of sugar they consume. These trends are very important in the food industry. 

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Sugar free Wafers made by Helwa

Can wafer bars without added sugar be just as tasty? Yes they can! Sugar isn’t the most important ingredient of wafer products. Our crispy wafers contain a filling of vanilla, chocolate or lemon flavor  which makes them as tasty as regular wafers with added sugar.  Our wafer bars are crispy and they contain no additives, that makes them a more healthy alternative for snacks. Helwa has over more than 60 years of experience in producing crispy and filled wafer products. We have a broad assortment and we also produce wafers in other segments like gluten free or protein wafer bars. Find out more about these products

Private label wafers without sugar
All of our products (with or without sugar) can be adjusted to your own requirements. Thanks to our modern production facilities and technologies, we can produce any kind of wafer product. It’s possible to adjust the type of wafer sheet, type of filling, size of the product, coating and packaging. This makes wafer products very valuable for your brand. Our own Better4U brand is very suitable in case there is no room for investment in your own packaging.  

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Wafers without sugar are valuable for your brand! We can produce wafer products that meet your requirements. Would your like to know more about or products or our Better4U brand? Please contact us for more information or advice about wafer products.  

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Characteristics of our wafers without sugar

No sugar added
Made with real Belgian milk chocolate
Sweetened with maltitol  

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