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Succesful Private Label Partner

Succesful Private Label Partner

An example of one of our successful private label partnerships is the Omi Wafer. This wafer is especially developed for people who suffer from diabetes. 

A wafer for people who suffer from diabetes
Doctor Charles Lui wanted to do something for the limited possibilities a diabetes patient has when it comes to food and the idea for the Omi Wafer was born. Together we developed the Omi Wafer. 

Free from added sugar
Now we produce a tasty and healthy wafer which is free from added sugar, but does contain four grams of fiber. This wafer is made to control hunger and increase your energy level. On top of it all the wafer is created with real Belgian milk chocolate. 

How diabetes works
Our body takes blood sugar out of our meals. All the carbs you eat, like bread, sugar and potatoes arrive as glucoses in our blood. This blood glucose (blood sugar) flows through our whole body and gives all the cells the energy it needs. Blood sugar is incredibly important for the body, because without it you will not survive. 

Ideal snack for diabetics 
Ideally the body is capable of keeping the blood sugar level balanced. Which means: not to high and not too low. OmiWafer is an ideal snack for diabetics because of the low in simple carbohydrates and sugars. It stabilizes the release of insulin in the body does not cause problems in metabolism.  

More information about our private label possibilities
OmiWafer is ideal for individuals who skip breakfast or regularly consume high calorie, high carbohydrate breakfasts. Take a look at his website for more information about the Omi Wafer or contact us about our production possibilities for your products! 




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