Protein Wafer Bar 20g - 20% protein

Protein Wafer Bar 20g - 20% protein

Weight control has become very important and keeping fit does not only involve exercise and a healthy lifestyle, but also balanced nutrition. Helwa can develop your meal replacement bar or weight management snack to be low carb, high protein, low fat or low calorie. Also specific ingredients can be used to achieve specific benefits like lowering blood sugar level or satiety feeling. 

But unlike many other bars our bars also satisfy consumers craving for crunchy bars.

The Better 4U Protein Wafer Bar 20g is a crispy wafer bar with a filling of delicious cream, enrobed with real Belgian milk chocolate. The wafer bar does not contain any added sugars.

The Protein Wafer Bar 20g contains 20% protein and is therefore a perfect snack for in a protein diet or after exercising. 

  • no added sugars
  • source of fibers
  • rich in protein

Possibilities Protein Wafer Square
You can adapt this product to your own requirements. This means you can choose your own:

  • type of filling
  • coating 
  • packaging 

Packaging example

Your own label on this product? Contact us to talk about the possibilities for this wafer product for your customers. 

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